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Kelly Robbins and David Fyler

Executive Director and Program Director

Kelly Robbins and David Fyler co-founded the Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center (WKCAC) in 2004. They are both Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapists. Kelly is the Executive Director and David is the Program Director of the WKCAC.


Kelly’s 20 years of experience with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation including seven years as a Special Agent in western Kansas and David’s mental health background is what prompted them to create an organization that would bring help and healing to hurting children and families.


Kelly is also the Executive Director for ChildFirst, a forensic interviewing protocol which enhances the education of front-line child abuse professionals. Kelly and David have been ChildFirst faculty member since its founding in 2005.


Chandra Hughes

Office Manager - Family and Child Advocate 

Chandra is our Office Manager. She is located in our Scott City CAC. As Office Manager she helps out all of the WKCAC staff with paperwork, scheduling and more. Chandra keeps all our offices organized and allows for the WKCAC staff to focus on the families and kiddos we serve. 


Sheila Roemer

Family and Child Advocate - Forensic Interviewer

Sheila is a Forensic Interviewer and a Family and Child Advocate. She is located in our Scott City CAC. Sheila gains inspiration from her five children and wants to help other children with her caring nature and kind heart. She works to dedicate herself to helping children affected by trauma begin to heal and to maybe have a laugh or two! 



Development Director

More information coming soon!

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Abby Cahn

Family and Child Advocate, Forensic Interviewer, Art Facilitator

Abby is a child and family advocate and a forensic interviewer. She graduated from Fort Hays State University with a Bachelors in Business Management. She loves to paint and draw. She hopes to foster creativity in the communities around her and use art as a way to prompt open communication and connectivity. She wants to help kids find sources to openly communicate through the CAC as well and be there for them to help them express themselves and begin the healing process. 




Piper is our Scott City CAC dog. She is a Cava-poo puppy and is great about napping on people laps, running down hallways, and just looking adorable! Her job is to spread smiles and laughs to all that she is around and to just be her friendly self. She is already pretty great at it and the children love her! 


Lucretia Holterman

Case Coordinator and Child and Family Advocate

Lucretia is our case coordinator and Family and Child Advocate. She is located at our Scott City CAC. As a case coordinator, she helps all of the WKCAC advocates input their intakes into our database. When she is not busy with the database and keeping stats updated, she is working with families and children as an advocate and using knowledge gained from caring for children affected by trauma to better herself as a loving mother. 

Melissa Fulton

Family and Child Advocate - Forensic Interviewer

Melissa is a Forensic Interviewer and Child and Family Advocate. She graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre & Voice and a Master of Music in Vocal Performance.  She performs  locally and with the Wichita Grand Opera.  Melissa is also a personal trainer who recently held a national boxing title. Melissa loves being part of the CAC team because every child that walks through the doors is special and amazing! 


Raquel Perez

Family and Child Advocate - Forensic Interviewer

Raquel is a Family/Child Advocate and Forensic Interviewer. She is in our Garden City Center. Raquel was born and raised in Garden City. She is currently studying to get her degree in social work. She enjoys working with children and families in the community. Her husband and two kids keep her very busy; she enjoys being out in the community with her family and friends. She is dedicated to helping children and families start their healing process of trauma. 

Monica Limon

Youth Advocate

Monica is the new Youth Mentor for south west Kansas. After working with students at Garden City Public Schools for 5 years, she pursued a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration & Marketing and graduated with honors. Monica is passionate and committed to helping kids find their place in life. Monica has devoted many years to coaching youth soccer for boys and girls from intermediate to college level. Her greatest accomplishment so far is working alongside other members of the community to create a program in which youth soccer players develop their athletic skills, learn teamwork and respect, build self-esteem, and grow their love for soccer. In addition to helping players become better athletes and young adults, she believes in emphasizing each child’s mental health and awareness in her work. Monica is excited to be a part of the WKCAC.

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Zeus is an Aussie-doodle who is always ready to greet kids and families at the door. He is located in the Garden City CAC but also loves to jump on the Mobile CAC and help even more kids on the road!! However, be warned he loves snacks as much as he loves kids, so keep those snacks close and come in and meet our amazing CAC dog, Zeus! 

Haley Rutherford

Family and Child Advocate 

Haley is a Child and Family Advocate. She graduated from Fort Hays State University in 2017 with her bachelors degree in Social Work. She loves working at the CAC because she gets to help kids and families heal from trauma! 

Tracy Kinderknecht

Family and Child Advocate 

Hi, My name is Tracy Kinderknecht, I am a child/family advocate with the Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center.  I was hired on in January of 2016, and have loved my job ever since! I have been given an opportunity to work with an amazing team here with WKCAC and I have met more awesome kiddos than I ever thought I could. Along with these kids I get to meet and visit/play with, I enjoy spending time with our adult children, and our grandchildren. My husband and I are blessed with a wonderful big family! I also enjoy reading/listening to audio books, quilting,  painting and spending time with our dog, Yogi.


“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

– A.A. Milne/Christopher Robin  

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Victoria Brady

Family and Child Advocate - Forensic Interviewer

Victoria is a Forensic Interview and is based out of our Hays office but travels wherever a family and kiddo needs services. She is also a Family and Child Advocate so when she is not doing interviews she is working with families and kiddos as an advocate.

David Koshiol

Youth Advocate

David is a single dad from Hays, who spent most of his youth in different foster care placements, boys homes, and other youth institutions. Amongst other professions, he went on to become the Lead Plumber of the award winning Auman Company. He is also an actor with the Hays Community Theater, where he has had such roles as Shrek and King Triton. David feels uniquely suited to work with the young men WKCAC interacts with, because of his own history in the system. 


Julie Tschanz

Family and Child Advocate - Forensic Interviewer

My name is Julie Tschanz. I am a Forensic Interviewer and Child & Family Advocate in the Hays office. I graduated from Fort Hays State University with a BS in Psychology. My husband and I have three wonderful children who are active in disc golf and enjoy being outdoors. Providing advocacy for survivors has always been close to my heart. I am passionate about helping families heal after traumatic events in their lives. I am thrilled to be working here with the dedicated team at WKCAC!

Haydee Rodriguez

Family and Child Advocate 

Haydee is an integral part of our Liberal team, she is a Family and Child Advocate out of our Liberal CAC. She is always on the go and ready to help families and kiddos when needed!

Meet Our Therapists!


Layla Mumgaard

Garden City, Kansas

Layla Mumgaard is a Therapist. She received her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Kansas. Layla is originally from Garden City but lived in Omaha, Nebraska for 5 years prior to moving back in 2015. She and her husband have two boys who keep them on their toes every minute of the day. Layla enjoys working at the WKCAC because of the impact we have on the children and their families. These kids are saving lives of other kids by sharing their stories.


Pamela Hernandez

Garden City, Kansas

My name is Pamela Hernandez. I was born and raised in Garden City, Kansas. I graduated from GCCC and then left home for the first time to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Kansas State University. I continued my education and graduated with my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Friends University in Wichita, KS. I’ve worked with kids and families since my career began in a variety of different contexts and I was blessed with the opportunity to come back to my roots to complete my grad school internship at the WKCAC in 2019. I feel privileged to do the work that I do and to be able to stay and work with “my kids” and their families who have made such an impact in my life. “Children are one third of our population and all of our future.”

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Dev Hewler

Scott City & Garden City, Kansas

I graduated from KU with my Master's in Social Welfare in May of 2020, and I was looking for a way to expand my horizons. I was previously working as an addiction counselor in three levels of treatment, and in that population, it was apparent abuse and trauma was a part of a client's history. When the opportunity arose for me to apply at WKCAC, it was an eye opener to me of how I could intervene in the area of abuse at an early age to possibly prevent a person resorting in self-medicating due to trauma they have experienced. What a wonderful door to open for me to be a part of the WKCAC team and implement my life experience along with my education I received to benefit our younger generations. I am a mother of three daughters, and a nana to six beautiful grandchildren who I absolutely love. I love the colleagues I get to work with daily and the willingness they have to share their knowledge and time with me. I look forward to working with my clientele and seeing purpose and hope in their eyes!"


Misty Humphrey

Garden City, Kansas

 Hello! I am a therapist at Garden City CAC. I have a master’s degree in Criminal Justice and a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  As a therapist, I have worked in various settings including community mental health, crisis, an inpatient children’s psychiatric hospital and corrections. My passion is working with individuals, children, and families who find themselves in the system due to past unresolved trauma; empowering them to find their voice and heal for a brighter future.  I am honored to work with the dedicated team at WKCAC!

Heather Barney

Hays, Kansas

My name is Heather Barney. I received my master's degree in Community Mental Health Counseling from Fort Hays State University, and am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I work out of the office in Hays, KS as well as travel in a mobile unit to surrounding counties.  I have worked with traumatized children and teens for about 12 years, and have a strong passion to advocate for them. My own children remind me that everyone experiences life differently and we all need someone who cares about us, to listen. The act of "holding space" for someone is sacred. I am honored to partake in these emotional experiences, and to assist in the process of healing.  

Don Eves

Garden City, Kansas

Don has a Masters of Science in Family Therapy degree from Friends University in Wichita, KS.  He provides therapeutic services to individuals and families in the western Kansas area through the Western Kansas Child Advocacy Agency (WKCAC). Don has worked with this agency for nearly four years providing outpatient psychotherapy services primarily for children and teenagers. He finds it extremely rewarding to work with kids which often have come from abusive situations. According to Don,  “It is great to work with this organization and share in the vision of helping families. It is rewarding to make a difference.”  

Lisa Reed

Hays, Kansas

My name is Lisa Reed and I am a therapist intern at WKCAC.  I was born and raised in Nebraska and recently moved to Kansas.  In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, going hiking, crocheting, and travelling to new places.  In 2010 I received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix and in 2018 I went back to college to obtain my Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  I am completing my practicum and internship with the WKCAC to finish my degree and later this year become a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Kansas.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with children and families that come through the doors of the WKCAC and help make a positive impact on their lives.  I have worked with children and families in different capacities for over 5 years and I am excited to further my journey and passion with the WKCAC.

Meet our Nurse!

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Viry Dummermuth

Forensic Nurse 

My name is Viry Dummermuth and I am the Forensic Nurse Examiner for the WKCAC. I have lived in Garden City most of my life. I graduated from Washburn University in 2008 with my BSN and have been an RN for 13 years. I am currently getting my Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) through the University of Kansas School of Nursing with a projected graduation date of May 2022. I have been involved with the WKCAC as a volunteer in the past but joining the team officially is an honor. I have the most incredible son, Oliver (8) and two very sweet pups, Charlie (2) and Marshmallo (1). My hobbies include traveling, spending time with Oliver and fur babies, reading, interior decorating, and spending time with my nephews. I hope to contribute to the mission of the WKCAC by providing safe, empathetic, and compassionate care to every child and family that come through our door.

Meet Our Board Members!


Diane Gentry



Jessica Vanderweide

Vice President


Brandon Mumgaard



Stephanie Frohlich


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Linda Taylor


Jan Huck


Joseph Conner


Renee McCurry

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Ashley Jackson


Karma Huck


Christine Neeb

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David Post